Community Involvement


We believe that at the heart of any worthwhile endeavor, in business and in life, there should be generosity and good will. This transcends how we conduct ourselves with employees, customers, and the millions of consumers who enjoy our products.

In keeping with this philosophy, Land O’Frost provides funds to local communities to offset some of the costs associated with organizing and operating their youth sports organizations for children up to 10 years old.

The Land O’Frost Youth Sports Initiative has benefited hundreds of thousands of children across the country since its inception. In many towns, children have worn Land O’Frost jerseys each of their first five years of play.

Our motivation to grow this program in the future is fueled by the energy we see in the children and their families, participating together in healthful, well-rounded experiences.


As a cause near and dear to the Land O’Frost family, the company has been supporting JDRF since 2008 with internal fundraising efforts. In 2011, Land O’Frost officially launched a multi-year partnership with JDRF, focused on raising much-needed funds for type 1 diabetes (T1D) research and creating awareness of the organization and their efforts to cure, treat and prevent T1D.

Over the past few years, Land O’Frost and its employees have rallied behind JDRF through a number of activities and events to help raise funds for the cause. Each of the four Land O’Frost locations participate in the organization’s annual Walk to Cure Diabetes and host a number of internal events to raise funds. All in the hope of helping JDRF achieve its mission.