10 Kid-Friendly Snack Hacks

My kids are ALWAYS asking for snacks. It seems like my three boys are begging for snacks constantly, even seconds after finishing a meal!

Just last night, this conversation happened with my 10 year old.

Son: “Mom, can I have a snack?”

Me: “You just got done with dinner! In fact, aren’t you still chewing your dinner?”

Son: “Yep.” [Chomp, chomp, chomp] “But I’m still hungry.”

Me: “How about I just give you more dinner, then?”

Son: “Nah, I’m good. [Chomp, chomp, chomp] “Just a snack.”

If your kids are like mine, “just a snack” means a heaping pile of crackers or pretzels—neither of which has much in the way of nutritional value. So how do we get some nutrition into these seemingly starving children in the form of simple, healthy snacks?

Believe it or not, after scouring the interwebs (thank God for technology), I found these 10 easy snacks I could make with ingredients I have in my kitchen TODAY. You probably have them in yours too–see for yourself!

1. Yogurt Popsicles

Plain ol’ yogurt is just too boring for my picky eaters. But poke a hole in the top, insert a popsicle stick and pop it in the freezer and bingo—simple, healthy, homemade fro-yo. No kid can resist.

2. Apple Pie Bites

Top a couple graham crackers with chopped Granny Smith apples and add a dab of vanilla yogurt. Then cover the whole setup with cinnamon and honey. Your kids will have no idea they’re eating a low-fat snack that’s rich in protein and healthy carbs!

3. Deli Rolls with Pretzel Toothpicks

Roll a piece of your kid’s favorite cheese in Land O’Frost Deli Snackers and pierce it with a small, thin pretzel stick. Arrange a bunch of these on a platter after school, and you won’t hear “I’m hungry!” until dinnertime.

4. Fish in the River

Kids love Goldfish—that’s a fact. So try this healthier way to serve them up. Spread a generous amount of cream cheese or other soft cheese on some celery sticks. Then, line up a few Goldfish crackers in your cheesy “river!”

5. Frozen Fruit Sundae Cones

If you have a stack of ice cream cones in storage for special occasions, use them as receptacles for this deceivingly delightful healthy snack. Fill the cones with frozen berries (buy them from the store or freeze them yourself) and top the fruit with a dollop of whipped cream. Voila—fruit sundae!

6. Popcorn Plus

My kids could eat popcorn morning, noon and night, but they prefer the super buttery movie theater kind or the sweet kettle corn—unfortunately the worst kinds! For a healthier twist that’s still sweet, try mixing lightly salted, natural popcorn with yogurt-covered raisins.

7. Fruit Pops

Okay, I’ll admit I don’t usually have coconut water lying around the house, but this recipe looks delicious enough to warrant a trip to the store. Slice and peel some tangerines or clementines and kiwis. Place a few of those into popsicle molds with a smattering of blueberries, and fill the remaining space with coconut water. Freeze for a healthy, fruity popsicle!

8. PB&J a New Way

I got really excited when I read about this one! Toast two frozen multi-grain waffles. Spread one with a couple tablespoons of peanut butter and the other with your kid’s favorite flavor of jelly. Sandwich the two waffles and cut into fourths for a creative spin on an old standard.

9. Tortilla Pizza Bites

Baking and I—we don’t have a good relationship. But after watching this video, I was convinced even someone like me could easily make these! All you need is a muffin tin, large round cookie cutters, whole wheat soft tortillas, pizza sauce, shredded mozzarella and whatever pizza toppings your kids like (mine don’t like any).

10. Apple Cookies

We all know how delicious apples smeared with peanut butter are, but this easy recipe takes the old standard several yummy steps forward. Cut an apple into thin slices, remove the core and cover the apple rings in peanut butter. Here’s where it gets good: sprinkle them with crushed walnuts, chocolate chips and shredded coconut. Yum! Snack time doesn’t have to mean handing your kids a box of empty calories; nor does it have to involve channeling Martha Stewart! There’s always a happy medium, and these yummy snack hacks definitely hit the mark.


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