5 More Quick, Easy and Really Creepy Halloween Treat Ideas

It’s almost Halloween, meaning Halloween parties are just around the corner. If you already know your kid’s class is having one or if you just want a special after-school treat, we’ll help you score an easy Momwin. We’ve built on last year’s popular list of quick and easy Halloween snack ideas with a fresh batch of ideas below. And don’t worry, we’re not going crazy here. I have kids too, so let’s keep it simple:

1. Oreo Spider Cookies

Oreo-spider-2 These fun Oreo spider chocolate chip cookies from Your Modern Family are spooky and cute at that the same time! And they take no time at all. Literally, the longest part is baking the cookie that goes under it (any chocolate chip cookie recipe will work). The decorating is a breeze and the result is so cute.

2. Apple Monsters

These edible monsters are simple! Using two apple slices, spread peanut butter on each one and give the monster some “teeth” with yogurt-covered raisins. Next, add a marshmallow eye on a tooth-pick, add a glob of melted chocolate to the eye and give him a few eyelashes (I just used melted chocolate & let it cool on wax paper). The final product is creepy, cute and tastes great.

3. Candy Corn Sugar Cookies

My friend made these adorable sugar cookies a few years ago and I’ve loved them ever since! It’s simple: make three colors of dough and put them together into a log. Cut them into triangles & bake. You can get more details on the recipe here, but these are so easy to make and the kids LOVED them!

4. Ghostly Gingerbread Man Cookies

I got this next recipe from a friend who showed me how to turn adorable gingerbread men into creepy ghost cookies. I love how simple they are, since you are literally using icing like a costume, adding chocolate eyes and a mouth. Even I could make this in an afternoon… and I’m only trying if I know it’s easy. We have enough going on at home before adding some complicated recipe to the list of things to do.

5. Frankenstein Brownies

Don’t let the green face fool you - these brownies by Club Chica Circle taste great! They are as easy to make as they look, with a layer of brownies, icing and sprinkles for a topper! And don’t forget about the tootsie roll head & eyebrows. BOO!

6. Monster Sugar Cookies

I couldn’t resist sharing a few more of my favorite Halloween-themed sugar cookie! Turn a cute ghost cookie cutter into a mean ghost by adding a scary face. Turn a circle cookie into a skeleton head with some icing… and my all-time favorite? Turn a gingerbread man into a scary “Jack-skeleton turned Mean Scarecrow” with some green and black icing. Your kids will go crazy over this one! Plus, you’ll eat them until they are all gone!


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