50 Free Summer Activities to Do with Kids

Who’s excited for summer break?! The kids are for sure, but the thought of having to entertain them day in and day out for three long months might seem a little daunting. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. This mega list of (free!) summer activities to do with your kids is filled with lots of fun, exciting ideas. From outdoor concerts and movies to games and educational projects, get ready to be inspired and make memories with your kids on the cheap.

Fun and Free Summer Activities

  1. Organize a park date with school friends to welcome summer vacation.
  2. Pitch a tent in the backyard and have a campout!
  3. Volunteer to walk dogs at the animal shelter.
  4. Make homemade ice cream together using just frozen bananas and milk.
  5. Play one of these 11 outdoor games.
  6. Spend the day hiking at your nearest state park.
  7. Bake your favorite cookies – from scratch!
  8. See how far you can ride your bikes.
  9. See a concert or outdoor movie at a local park.
  10. Visit a pet store and love on some of the animals.
  11. Organize a trash pick-up party at your local beach or park.
  12. Go to a farmer’s market and pick some fresh fruits and veggies.
  13. Learn about new cultures by trying a new recipe.
  14. Visit your local library and check out their summer events.
  15. Volunteer to visit with the elderly at a nursing home or retirement facility.
  16. Design and make an interactive sidewalk chalk mural and take fun pictures with it.
  17. Learn about photography together and take photo walks to practice.
  18. Go Geocaching! Get the free app here.
  19. Check out a local museum. Many offer free admission on select days.
  20. Surprise local firefighters or police officers with homemade cookies.
  21. Make multi-colored crayons from old, broken ones.
  22. Enjoy a free kids’ workshop at your local hardware store.
  23. Plan the perfect picnic.
  24. Research and practice new dance moves—then have a dance party!
  25. Teach the kids how to menu plan and challenge them to create their own.
  26. Make your own bubble solution with dish soap and blow bubbles.
  27. Use cardboard boxes to make a maze.
  28. Learn origami.
  29. Locate the nearest Bureau of Land Management campsite and unplug.
  30. Play “Name That Tune,” and see who can spot the song the fastest.
  31. Attend a free story time at your local bookstore.
  32. Visit your city’s splash pads or water play park.
  33. Engage in sensory play with slime.
  34. Play 20 Questions.
  35. Have a water balloon fight.
  36. Ask each kid to create their own, unique scavenger hunt.
  37. Have a family game night with your favorite board or card games.
  38. Build a fort.
  39. Write and direct a play or musical.
  40. Send handwritten notes or letters to friends and family through snail mail.
  41. Record family members telling old family stories and learn to edit with free, online video editors.
  42. Get creative with photo editing on PicMonkey.com.
  43. Invite friends over for a pick-up game of basketball, soccer or baseball.
  44. Make and fly DIY kites from household supplies.
  45. Have fun with dress-up and face paint!
  46. Practice random acts of kindness.
  47. Learn how to make and read a sundial.
  48. Look for different star formations in the night sky.
  49. Teach your kids about money and household budgeting.
  50. Record all the great memories you make this summer in a family journal.
Summer break doesn’t have to put you into a panic. There are plenty of fun, exciting and educational activities to keep the kids entertained and out of trouble. And here’s number 51. come up with even more fun and free activities to do together!


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