7 Easter Sandwiches to Feed Every Bunny

Easter Sunday is one of my most favorite reasons to gather all year long. Right after church services, my entire family, including extended family members and friends who are family too, comes together to celebrate the holiday with an all-out egg hunt and, of course, a yummy lunch together. Like the kids look forward to the big Bunny coming, I look forward to the wish-for-spring spread. It’s always full of freshness and color, with a glazed-ham centerpiece and classic egg casseroles. This year I’m committed to mixing it up a bit, however – dedicated to delivering on deliciousness, while upping the convenience factor for myself – and I’ve got a slew of sandwich ideas that totally fit the bill. I’m prepping smaller styles for little hunt-ers and hearty stacks for all of us grownups who will have been up filling the eggs late the night before. Plus, some cutesy twists to keep it all interesting and fun. For you, my little chickadee, 7 Easter sandwiches for every bunny:

The Potluck Bunny

I like to have recipes at the ready for family members who would like to contribute, but have no idea what to bring. My go-to design this year will be Carrot + Ham Pinwheels. They’re foolproof for whomever may be looking for suggestions, they can be made in advance, and they are a huge hit with the kiddos who like gobble up carrots as fuel as they run around the hunt.

The Party-Hoppin’ Bunny

That cousin who has three other Easter parties to hit this year? Send her out the door with a sweet-and-savory waffle sandwich that’s easy to eat on the run. Cut a spiraled slice of ham from the centerpiece, drizzle it with a warm mixture of apricot preserves and honey, and layer it between two toaster waffles. (She’ll thank you later.)

The Bunny on the Runny

Way more than half of our Easter crowd is 10-years-old or younger so it is imperative I offer sandwiches that are easy to eat and feel like a snack. After all, they’re almost too busy hunting eggs. But they’ll stop for these stop or these awesome sammies. Start with slider bread perfect for little hands. Hot or cold, layered with deli meat and cheeses, and held together with cream-cheese or honey-mustard “glue”, it’s just what the Bunny ordered. I like to assemble them with my kids the night before so they can tailor them to their own tastes and those of the kiddos coming to celebrate with us.

The Easter Egg-Lovin’ Bunny

Take full advantage of all the gorgeous eggs you dyed and decorated earlier in the week by turning them into a delicious egg salad. Peel, chop, and use a fork to toss them with a little mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, and finely chopped celery; add freshly chopped tarragon or fresh lemon juice for flavor and brightness. Serve chilled (make ahead!) with triangles of toasted white bread or invite guests to spoon into their own sandwich.

The Sweet-Seeking Bunny

This one’s for me. I am the sweet-seeking bunny in our bunch. As a kid, I made a point of eating as many sweet ricotta blintzes, our family’s holiday tradition, in one Easter sitting as I could. Homemade crepes stuffed with melty cream, toasted in butter, and smothered in blueberry sauce, they danced through my dreams every winter day leading up to Easter… Homemade crepes for the masses are not happening for me these days, but this sandwich shortcut sure is: Blend together cream cheese and ricotta, sweeten with a little sugar and vanilla, add a dash of cinnamon, and then smear this cream between two slices of bread (you can do all of this up to a day in advance). Right before service, then, dip the sandwiches into a bath of whisked eggs and milk, and sear them in a pan until they’re golden brown and delicious. Slice in half and offer melted blueberry jam on the side.

The Light-Eating Bunny (Who Eats Like a Bird)

One of my favorite, simple sandwiches is nothing but salted butter spread on lightly toasted bread, and topped with thinly sliced cucumbers. Finished with finely diced chives and served open-faced, it’s not super filling and it looks pretty fancy. Layer onto it a fried egg and another slice of toast to make it a little heartier. No matter what combination of dress, frill, and patent leather my mom made me wear each Easter, it has always been the menu that I remember. Now that I’m the mom in charge of crafting the menu, I take the memory-making piece very seriously. For me, the secret to success is keeping it simple for me and interesting for everybody else. Like the Bunny on Easter morning, sandwiches always get the job done.


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