7 Time-Saving Tips to Bring Canadian Bacon To Your Table

Growing up, when my Mom made us Canadian bacon for breakfast, I would come running. My favorite way to eat it was on toast with a slightly runny egg. It’s so darn tasty! But somewhere along the way, turkey products outdistanced pork. We were told that a healthy breakfast meant switching to turkey bacon and dinner was all about turkey meatloaf. But this isn’t always leaner than beef.

Pork Can Be Leaner Than Turkey

So imagine our surprise when we compared the leading brands of turkey bacon to Canadian bacon. Ounce for ounce, Canadian bacon has about half the calories, 80% less fat and 25% less cholesterol than leading turkey bacon brands. And by the way, recent studies are showing that foods high in cholesterol do not necessarily raise blood cholesterol. Canadian bacon provides needed lean protein, no added sugar and no carbohydrates. So you can even pair it with a healthy whole grain. Plus, by adding Canadian bacon to meals, you’ll find kids are more likely to give the new foods that accompany it a try. For convenience, Canadian bacon can’t be beat. Keep some in the freezer. With just a few minutes in the pan you’re practically ready to sit down for a yummy meal.

Here are Seven Delicious Ways to Make Canadian Bacon a Part of Your Table Again

1. Breakfast sandwich

We already mentioned Canadian bacon on whole grain toast with an egg, but add a few slices of tomato and avocado and you’ve up the nutrition quotient tremendously!

2. Pizza

Another breakfast winner or also good as an afterschool snack – Canadian bacon pizzas. On a pita, add scrambled egg, chopped Canadian bacon, shredded cheese, olives and tomatoes. Serve with a side salad and fruit. Make sure to cut a slice across the side of the pita with the toppings to avoid it rising in the toaster oven and dumping all your ingredients on the oven floor.

3. Brussel sprouts & bacon bits

Instead of bacon bits, why not use a lower calorie, lower fat alternative? You’ll eliminate an artificial filler by doing so. Use Canadian bacon as a topper for salads, mac and cheese or even your pan cooked Brussels sprouts. For Brussels sprouts, first chop and quickly cook the Canadian bacon, remove from pan and place aside. Then wash and cut the Brussels sprouts in half. Place them flat in pan with olive oil and cook for two minutes –keep them crisp but cooked through. Add in Canadian bacon bits and heat for one more minute – delicious.

4. Quinoa

We love a good quinoa bowl for any meal. In a pan, warm olive oil and sauté scallions, carrots, Canadian bacon, mushrooms and peppers (chop all ingredients to bite size before cooking). Once softened, add already cooked quinoa to warm. Voila! Instant goodness in a bowl!

5. Sweet potato hash

A sweet potato hash will brighten any breakfast: dice potatoes, preferably with skin on. A time saving tip: microwave potatoes for a few minutes to partly cook them.) Take a bell pepper, onion and the Canadian bacon. Cook the bacon and set aside. Cook onion and the bell pepper until soft and translucent, set aside. Another great time saver: buy a frozen pepper and onion mix. When using frozen veggies cook first and then drain the excess liquid before adding other ingredients to the pan. Then cook the sweet potatoes. When soft, add back in all ingredients and cook for a bit more.

6. Breakfast roll-ups

Cook Canadian bacon, place cheese and scrambled egg along the middle of the bacon, roll up the sides and hold in place with a toothpick. Serve alongside whole grain toast or waffles.

7. Frittatas

When feeding a crowd, frittatas are a great way to go. In a pan with warmed olive oil, sauté spinach, mushrooms and Canadian bacon. Add scrambled eggs, continue cooking until the egg forms in the bottom of the pan. Finish in the oven for an additional 15-20 minutes at 375 degrees. Cook until the top of the frittata browns slightly. For making ahead of time, cook individual frittatas in a muffin pan, let cool and refrigerate in an airtight container for later use. Frittatas freeze well and just need about a minute or two in the microwave to defrost. These are just seven ways to benefit from this more nutritious and more tasty option to bacon. I’ll bet you have a few more ways to swap in Canadian bacon. Enjoy!


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