Best 11 Recipes to Pack for School Lunch

With school back in session, we’re already counting the days: The kids are going to need lunch every day for the next 175 school days. The school cafeteria has our backs on most days, but there are still plenty of lunches our kids won’t eat. And how long until that go-to sandwich — you know, PB&J or a bologna sandwich — get old? We all need an easy arsenal of lunches ready to go for when our kids want to pack their lunch. Here are 11 of our most popular lunch-friendly recipes:
  1. Baked Turkey & Swiss Sandwich

  2. Jim Kelly’s Buffalo Sub

  3. BBQ Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich

  4. Baked Ham and Cheese Roll Up

  5. Hawaiian Pizza Bites

  6. Stuffed Pretzel Sticks

  7. Bagel Sandwiches

    Bagel Sandwich
  8. Pretzel Dogs

  9. Quick Homemade Pizza

    Homemade Pizza
  10. Turkey, Apricot & Brie Panini

  11. Classic Turkey Sandwich


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