Best Tailgating Recipes That are Actually Easy

FINALLY, football is back. And that means it’s time to tailgate! For those of us who are into the game, it’s a win-win situation – football, friends and food – what could be better? But even people who don’t like football can agree to an afternoon of friends and food. With that said, make an impression at your tailgate this season. We have easy hacks to help you contribute something creative, something memorable, something delicious — made in just minutes for busy moms who want to enjoy the day a little bit, too.

1. Beef Sliders

Bring the beef this weekend with these mouthwatering Beef Sliders. These scrumptious sliders are made in under 15 minutes and the kids can help too.

2. Avocado Deviled Eggs

If your team is green, you must show up with these. Avocado is all the rage and they’re delicious on egg.

3. Pretzel Dogs

Take two popular snacks – pretzels and hotdogs – and combine them into one. Pretzel dogs take almost no effort and are done in 10 minutes. These bite-size snacks are a favorite at our tailgate!

4. Hawaiian Pizza Bites

There’s never a bad time for pizza and this festive finger food delivers the goods. It’s a sweet and salty snack you’ll want to enjoy BEFORE the tailgate, because speaking from experience, they will go fast.

5. Ham & Cheese Poppers

They’re mozzarella sticks on steroids. Add in some savory Smoked Ham and it’s a touchdown every time.


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