Easy Eating While on Vacation

Easy Eating While on Vacation Easy Eating While on Vacation
Vacationing with children can be stressful, especially when it comes to planning meals. When the kids are hungry, and you’re worn out from the day, the last thing you want to do is wander around trying to find a family friendly restaurant. This is where a little planning can go a long way to make eating while on vacation much simpler and more pleasurable.

Vacationing With a Kitchenette

  • Prepare individual freezer meals far in advance, and once you’re ready for vacation, pack them in a cooler surrounded by ice packs. Since they’re already frozen, they will stay cooler longer on your journey. Once you arrive, place them in the fridge, and easily heat them up later. Don’t forget to pack plates, silverware and accompaniments.
Tip: Some ideas for foods that can be pre-made, frozen and transported easily are lasagna, taco meat, chili and tomato sauce.
  • Packing ready-to-go breakfast items, like fruit, applesauce pouches, pastries and bagels, will help get the day started quicker, plus it helps save a buck or two.

Vacationing at a Hotel

  • Search online before leaving home to find restaurants in the area with your price range and dietary preferences. Write them down so you can remember. And browse online menus to decide beforehand which meals to order, making dining out even more stress free!
  • Save extra money, and visit a grocery store to pick up non-refrigerated and microwaveable breakfast foods like apples, bananas, dry cereal and pastries.
  • Plan a picnic-style lunch (especially great for a lake or beach vacation), and pack food purchased from the grocery store, like peanut butter sandwiches, fruit and carrot sticks.
No matter where you’re staying on vacation, there are easy ways to make family meals stress-free, quick and less expensive. You’ll be on your way to your next activity in no time — with full bellies!


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