How long after I open a package of Land O’Frost® lunch meat is it still good?

Kept under proper refrigerated conditions: Once opened, please consume within 7 days and within the sell by date written on the front of the package. If unopened, please consume by the sell by date written on the front of package.

Are Land O’Frost products gluten free?

All of our products are gluten free. To learn more about the nutritional information of our products, please visit our Brands & Products page.

Can I freeze Land O’Frost meats?

We don’t recommend freezing.  It doesn’t hurt the product, but we can’t guarantee the taste and texture once it defrosts.

Are Land O’Frost meats fully cooked?


Where can I find nutritional information about Land O’Frost products?

Our nutritional information is listed in the products section of our website. Please visit our Brands & Products page.

What is the Pillow Pak in Land O’Frost Premium® Oven Roasted Chicken Breast?

It is a freshness packet of granular activated carbon, produced from coconut shell.  It is totally harmless, but not meant to be consumed.

Where are Land O’Frost lunch meats sold?

You can locate our products in a store near you by using our store locator.

Where can I get Land O’Frost coupons?

Visit our consumer website or Facebook page for coupon downloads.

I’d like to receive coupon and promotion updates from Land O’Frost. How do I sign up?

To be added to our e-newsletter distribution list, email us at info@landomoms.com.  You can find out about our latest promotions and download coupons at our consumer website and Facebook page.

How do I get in touch with Land O’Frost?

Find us on Facebook or Twitter, or visit our Contact Us page.

Where can I learn more about Land O’Frost’s Youth Sports Program?

Please contact us through our Contact us page.

Where can I learn more about employment at Land O’Frost?

Visit our careers page to learn more about job openings and apply for certain positions.

What is the packet found in Simply Delicious lunch meats?

It is a freshness packet. It is food grade iron powder that is the same FCC grade iron that pharmaceutical companies use to make iron supplements.