Five Great Snack Ideas for Toddlers

Finger foods are a great way for toddlers to learn about different textures and tastes. It also allows them to learn to feed themselves, sparking independence and a sense of ownership in their nutrition. Teach them early to choose healthy foods. Here are five tasty, nutritious snack ideas for toddlers:

1. Fruit

Offer your child fresh fruit cut up into bite-size pieces. Be sure to always quarter or half any round fruits to ensure no choking. Unsweetened applesauce is also a staple in my home.

2. Vegetables

Steamed or baked vegetables are some of the best snacks. From steamed peas or asparagus to roasted carrots and sweet potatoes, keep trying different vegetables until you find the ones that your little one loves. Season the veggies differently every time to change them up, and be sure to let the food cool before serving.

3. Meat & Cheese Plate 

Land O’Frost Premium Minis are a great way to give your child variety. Simply dice up the meat if your little one doesn’t have enough teeth to take bites. Also dice up cheese sticks, and let your toddler savor the flavors of delicious crackers.

4. Smoothies

Blending fresh or frozen fruits and veggies with milk is a great way to sneak extra nutrition into your child’s snacks. For instance, I love adding a handful of spinach to our smoothies.

5. Chocolate

Okay, I know this isn’t really on the food pyramid, but I give my child a small taste of dark chocolate every now and then. The darker the better! Start ‘em young.


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