Gift Grab: Easy Gift Ideas for Any Hostess With the Mostess

Gift Grab: Easy Gift Ideas for Any Hostess With the Mostess Gift Grab: Easy Gift Ideas for Any Hostess With the Mostess
I am one of those people that just hate to show up empty-handed especially when someone has made an effort to share their home with me. Each year I make a hostess gift in bulk for the holiday season and distribute it as my signature gift. One year I knitted dishcloths, another year was the year of Slow Cooker Pumpkin Butter, and this year I tried my hand at making candles. It’s a lot of fun crafting my gifts each year, but I know sometimes there is a need for something easy and quick you can pull together for the holidays—especially with so many gatherings to attend. On these occasions, I recommend a few of my favorite items that I love to share as hostess gifts for the holiday season.

1. Cute oven mitts

I am not sure why, but most of us don’t treat ourselves to fresh oven mitts often enough. Consider visiting an inexpensive home store and purchasing a few of these to give as a hostess gift for the holidays. I love to tuck a pretty spoon in them and tie it off with a little ribbon for a gift that your host can really use in the kitchen.

2. Tasty pie

Pie is always a favorite a holiday favorite and I’ve found a pie purchased from a local bakery just for your hostess is always a hit. If the family you are visiting is small, consider wrapping up mini pies in lieu of a larger pie, with festive ribbon or twine for individual treats they are sure to love! 3. Rich olive oil One of my special treats to myself is a really great bottle of oil from a local olive oil shop. It would certainly be the perfect gift to share with your favorite hostess! If you don’t have a fancy shop to purchase your olive oil from, grab a good one at the supermarket and repackage it in a pretty glass oil container with a loaf of bread from the bakery. Who wouldn’t love that?

4. Simple succulents

Even someone with a black thumb (like me!) can pull off caring for a succulent. This is why I think a succulent makes a perfect hostess gift. Repot the plant in a cute mug or teacup for a cute addition to your hostess’s kitchen.

5. Jarred breakfast mixes

One gift that I always love is the gift of a great mix to save me time in my kitchen. Mix up the dry ingredients to your favorite pancake or waffle mix and place these in a mason jar. Place the jar in a bowl with a festive kitchen towel, a bottle of good quality maple syrup, and some delicious coffee. It’s breakfast in a bowl- a perfect gift for a tired hostess!

6. Festive hand soaps & candles

Festive hand soaps and candles are great gifts to stockpile for the holidays especially the kinds that come in the holiday scents. I keep a shelf of these for those unexpected gatherings and they are always used and appreciated. Personalize these with a small gift tag of thanks to complete the gift.

7. One of a kind wine toppers

A pretty wine topper and a great bottle of wine can make a lovely hostess gift. If you have time to plan a little ahead, Etsy can be a great resource for personalized toppers that will really wow your hostess. Pairing this with a great, budget-friendly wine can be a thoughtful and affordable gift for the holidays.

8. When all else fails… make them laugh

Being the hostess, especially for big family events, can be a really stressful time. If you know your hostess well, consider a gift that will make her smile. Whether it is a funny card, book, or a small novelty item, the gesture doesn’t need to be big to be appreciated. The best gift I’ve been given was a fairy wand dish scrubber. It may not have made my dishes disappear, but it definitely makes me smile every time I see it.


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