Meals for a Busy New Mom

It’s official! I’m a mom. We welcomed Liam into the world on May 31st. He was a healthy and beautiful 8 pound 10 ounce baby boy. We couldn’t be happier…and more tired. I never could have imagined how exhausting and challenging being a parent could be. We sometimes don’t even have time to prepare a meal, especially when Liam decides that his fussy time is right when we want to have dinner. Baby rules the roost, eh? Well, with this new chapter in our lives, we’ve had to make life a little more simplified. This is done at meal time. We want simple, but still delicious. Our answer is sandwich wraps. My husband and I decided on turkey and cheese. We tried it two ways:
  • Toasting it.
  • Microwaving it.
Toasting it made the tortilla a little crispy, but the cheese was perfectly melted and you could pick it up easily. The microwaving was very easy and great for a quick meal. Both were delicious with some fresh tomato and lettuce on it to make it a well-balanced meal! Simple, yet delicious. What are some of your go-to meals for your busy family? Any advice for a new mom?


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