Our 3 Best Slow Cooker Recipes

There’s enough going on this time of the year. Family in town, gifts to buy at busy malls, and oh yeah, the kids still have school and practice. Moms need every single advantage they can get right now. And that’s why, if you’re not already doing so, you absolutely must be using that slow cooker for dinner. The slow cooker is good for WAY more than just chili and soups. For a long list of creative cuisines, you can make in the slow cooker, click here (links to 10 slow cooker article). But for now, we’ve kept it easy and narrowed it down to just three. The following are our three very best slow cooker recipes:

1. Three-Ingredient Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos

Serve this one up next Taco Tuesday or save it for the summer – the kids are going to love these three-ingredient slow cooker chicken tacos either way. The shredded chicken is tender and succulent, and best of all, this clean-up takes minutes. Speaking of minutes, that’s about how long it takes to prepare the cook. Let it go for five hours and enjoy these tasty tacos! 

2. Slow Cooker Pork-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Pork-stuffed sweet potatoes? Yes, and they’re AWESOME. Get you some Boston butt or pork shoulder, four pounds of it. A 12-ounce bottle of root beer, your favorite BBQ sauce, and six to eight sweet potatoes. The flavors come together in a beautiful blend that may just unlock the real potential of your slow cooker. 

3. Slow Cooked Chicken Italiano

chicken_italiano_skinny This slow cooker recipe is sure to produce some outstanding Italiano. Use this recipe the next time the kids are feeling spaghetti because it’s spaghetti on steroids! Your fork will cut right through that chicken and noodles for an amazing bite, every time. The slow cooker is Mom’s best friend. These recipes take just minutes to prepare, so enjoy all the extra time and the amazing dinners coming out of your slow cooker. And for even more slow-cooked inspiration, be sure to check out 9 Recipes You Never Thought of Making in Your Slow Cooker!


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