Our 7 Most Popular Sandwich Recipes Ever

The kids are hungry (what’s new?) but when you go to make that easy peanut butter and jelly sandwich, you’re suddenly met with resistance. “AGAIN?” they ask. Well, yeah, because you know the kids will eat it. That is, until they’re burned out, and then they don’t. And frankly, no mom has time for that. To avoid burnout, bring a little extra variety. We’ve rounded up seven of our most popular sandwich recipes ever, giving you plenty of options that you can feel good about serving. And don’t worry, these won’t take much longer than that PB&J!

1. BBQ Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich

This mouthwatering medley of BBQ and ranch is a super easy sell to the kids. It’s tangy, it’s tasty, and most promising: It only takes 12 minutes.

2. Bagel Sandwiches

Sometimes a change in presentation is all you need to get the kids excited. Instead of throwing that Land O’Frost turkey on a slice of bread, put it on a bagel. Sometimes changing their hearts is as easy as changing shapes.

3. Hot Reuben Sandwich

How about a hot lunch? If you have 15 minutes, you can serve your kiddos a hardy Hot Reuben Sandwich. Bonus: This American classic recipe serves two. Rueben-Sandwich-opt-Skinny

4. Black Forest Ham Sandwich

Try something savory instead of sweet with this classic sandwich. Adding Land O’ Frost’s Black Forest Ham is a good start, then take this sandwich to the next level by combining mayo and apple jam on the cheese for a surprisingly delicious addition. Black-Forest-Ham-Sandwich

5. Easy New Orleans Sandwich

You know it’s easy because it’s in the name. But while this won’t take long to make, the key to really nailing the New Orleans part of this easy sandwich is to give the oil time to seep into all the other ingredients.

6. Open-Faced Cheesy Roast Beef Sandwiches

This is sure to pique their interest when they realize it’s not technically a sandwich. This Open-Faced Cheesy Roast Beef Sandwich is super simple and you can have six sandwiches ready in just five minutes. Perfect for playdates when you have lots of little ones running around!

7. Focaccia Sandwich

Grab Focaccia (fo-kach-uh) bread for something different. If you haven’t ad it before, it’s a flat, oven-based Italian bread that’s similar to pizza dough, which means your kids should love it. Follow this recipe and get eight to 12 sandwiches ready in just minutes. Focaccia sandwich and potato chips on plate


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