Routine Wraps

Routine Wraps Routine Wraps
Five minutes ago, the phone rang. As I rushed to answer it, the answering machine kicked on with a welcome message from our son’s new school, with announcements for week two. After being homeschooled for all seventeen years of his life, (yes, they start learning day one, don’t they), it’s off to a structured school for him. That high school football team is calling for one year, and then playing college ball is his destination. It’s a year of changes for our family, yet some things never change – the wonderful, lazy days of summer fly by much too quickly for this mom’s liking. I can’t believe those school bells are ringing again.  Are you ready? Are your kids back in school yet? Over the years, something I have definitely taken for granted was the flexibility of determining our lunch plans at oh, say, noon. Since packing our own lunch is a priority for me, I’ve developed a system that has worked for one solid week now, and I’m hoping it lasts longer than my New Year’s resolutions. Since my son is a very big eater, my goal is to get enough protein into his lunch to give energy throughout the day. Carbs are tasty, but proteins are critical for his meal plan. The first two days of school I prepared many large, made to order wraps, but by day three, when it was time to head out the door and I realized I had forgotten to get started on his sandwiches, I knew I needed a new system. I decided to apply the techniques I use when I attack my dinner meal plan to his lunches – meals in bulk. I could make a week’s wraps at once, so I didn’t have to worry about it every morning. I loaded up only the meats onto the wraps because the condiments, cheese and veggies would make the tortilla soggy by the end of the week. I put the extras in ziplock bags so that he could grab and go. It was a perfect solution. Since he enjoys a variety of flavors, I made up various bags with red peppers and lettuce, guacamole, shredded cheese, really anything that I had on hand, so he could then load it up how he wanted. Wraps are now my perfect “Go To” lunch solution, and my momma stress has been eliminated.


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