Make Your Own Mini-Shaped Sandwiches

Today, the kids and I made cute mini shaped sandwiches. It was so easy to do, and they enjoyed helping out. Anytime we can turn something that we do everyday (like make lunch) into a “crafty project” as they call it, I’m game. I have learned that if I am not purposeful to create opportunities to make memories and have fun together they don’t happen on their own.

IMG_2889 copy

First, gather everything you need together. I’ve started one too many projects without doing this first, only to find out that we don’t have everything we need about half way through.

Otherwise, no hard and fast rules here; it’s what your family likes. We picked cucumbers, green peppers and tomatoes fresh out of our garden, grabbed some bread, deli meat, cheese and cookie cutters.

Just a side note here, if you haven’t tried Land O’Frost Bistro Favorites it’s our new family favorite. The Honey Glazed Ham is fabulous!

Then I gave each of the kids a cutting board. They didn’t waste anytime getting started, they were serious about their shapes!

Hmmm…..I know where this is going. If I know my son at all, he’s not just admiring his perfect circle. He’s up to something.

Making memories together…… the end of the day it’s what matters the most. The kids had a blast, they are already asking to help with lunch tomorrow.


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