Tips for a Successful Cookie Exchange

Each year, I host a cookie exchange with my friends and neighbors. Over the years, we’ve become more and more apt at ironing out the details so our exchange goes off without a hitch. I’ve gathered a few of my favorite tips to share with you, so if you decide to host a cookie exchange, you can be certain it will be successful!
  • The key to a good cookie exchange is making sure that everyone leaves with a great variety of cookies. This means it is important to have enough people there and enough cookies! I have found that we get the best participation when we have 10-12 guests at our cookie exchange. Have everyone bring enough cookies so that each person goes home with at least a half a dozen cookies from each other participant.
  • Set up a google doc or a shared spreadsheet and have participants share what kind of cookie they will be making beforehand. This way you can avoid having 10 of the same exact kind of cookie and will ensure that you have a good variety on hand!
  • As the host, have take home containers for everyone invited. Large sealed containers will help keep the cookies fresh.
  • As the host, make sure you have snacks and beverages ready so that people can nibble on food while they exchange cookies!
  • Encourage your friends to bring homemade cookies. They don’t have to be elaborate, but that’s the joy of a cookie exchange… receiving homemade goodies made from people you love.
Now it’s time to relax and have fun, knowing that after your cookie exchange, a lot of your holiday baking can be considered done and you can focus on other holiday activities! Enjoy!


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