10 Fun Twists on Tacos

10 Fun Twists on Tacos 10 Fun Twists on Tacos
Tacos are glorious, am I right? Sure, I was born and raised in Southern California, so I kind of have to love tacos. But no matter where you’re from, there’s a lot to love about tacos. For starters, they’re quick and easy to make, and even picky eaters like them. Tacos make a great dinner any night of the week, not just Tuesdays! But as quick, easy and delicious as tacos are, your family can still get bored with them. The last thing you need is the kids harping on you about how you serve the same tacos all the time! Stop the complaining before it even starts with these 10 simple and different taco recipes.

1. Breakfast Tacos

Oh yes, tacos for breakfast is a thing … though these recipes are good enough to make for dinner too. Dish up 10-minute huevos rancheros tacos, or try filling tacos with scrambled eggs and sliced smoked sausage. You can even wrap up ham and eggs in a waffle, and call it tacos!

2. Taco Casserole

Tacos can be messy to eat, but a taco bake has all the great flavors of tacos, with way less mess.

3. Tater Tacos

A baked potato alone isn’t enough for dinner, but pile on taco meat, cheese and other fixings, and you get taco baked potatoes that are sure to be a hit with the whole family.

4. Vegetarian Tacos

Who says you can’t have tacos on Meatless Monday? Kids might just eat their veggies if by veggies you mean buffalo cauliflower tacos. If not, maybe cheesy crispy bean tacos are more their style.

5. Taco Pizza

Put everything the kids love about tacos on top of something else they love – pizza! Leftover taco pizza also makes a great after-school snack.

6. Walking Tacos

Walking tacos are served at fairs and summer camps for a reason – they’re a total kid favorite!

7. Rolled Tacos

Otherwise known as taquitos, rolled tacos with ham and cheese are fun (and easy!) to make with the kids.

8. Taco Peppers

Sneak some extra veggies onto your kids’ plates by using bell peppers instead of tortillas. Baked pepper tacos are a colorful twist on traditional tacos.

9. Taco Egg Rolls

Make and freeze a big batch of taco egg rolls, and you’ve got a kid-approved after-school snack (and something tasty to serve unexpected guests).

10. Taco Sundaes

Tacos aren’t just for dinner! For a special sweet treat, top waffles with ice cream and fold in half to make ice cream tacos. With these 10 easy ideas, you don’t always have to resort to the same ol’, same ol’ tacos. Mom’s got fresh moves!


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