35 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Sweet Potatoes

35 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Sweet Potatoes 35 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Sweet Potatoes
You know sweet potatoes are way more than just a vehicle for marshmallows, but your kids aren't quite convinced of that fact yet. You also know how nutritious sweet potatoes are ... and so do they. But maybe they just need a little convincing. After all, they’ve got one VERY kid-friendly thing going for them: they’re sweet! With that in mind, here are 35 ways for the whole family to enjoy sweet potatoes:
  1. Roasted sweet potatoes topped with honey and cinnamon are my kids’ favorite way to eat this healthy root vegetable. Plus, it’s simple to make and easy on the budget too!
  2. Sweet potato empanadas are a fun way to use up leftovers and make for a delicious after-school snack. Add some chopped ham to the filling for a protein boost.
  3. You don’t have to fry sweet potatoes to make crispy, golden sweet potato fries! Bake them instead.
  4. For a nutritious, colorful twist on classic shepherd’s pie, substitute sweet potato mash as the topping.
  5. Mix up some sweet potato hummus and serve it with fresh veggies and toasted pita bread for a delicious after-school snack for kids. It’s also delicious spread on turkey sandwiches.
  6. Stir mashed sweet potato into your favorite pancake batter for breakfast … or dinner. Sweet potato pancakes are so good, you’ll want to eat them all day long. Try topping them with leftover pulled pork for a quick and easy family dinner.
  7. Who doesn’t love pie? Whip up a lighter version of sweet potato pie for a guilt-free dessert.
  8. Make fajita night even sweeter with chicken fajita sweet potatoes. You can also substitute smoked sausage, diced, for the chicken.
  9. Add cubed sweet potato to your favorite chili recipe.
  10. Try making sweet potato chips. The trick is to slice the rounds as thin as possible.
  11. Load up a baked sweet potato with shredded chicken, black beans, salsa and cheese and top with cilantro dressing for a fun spin on tacos. Lean ground beef makes a great filling for taco stuffed sweet potatoes
  12. You really can’t go wrong with tots, and baked sweet potato tots are no exception.
  13. Stir a dollop of sweet potato mash into your kids’ favorite mac and cheese Sounds crazy, I know. But trust me on this one… they won’t even notice!
  14. Spread sweet potato mash on tortillas and layer with black beans, corn and shredded chicken. Roll into taquitos and bake until golden brown.
  15. Sweet potato toast is so easy to make! Thinly slice the entire potato lengthwise and toast until firm. Slather with peanut butter and jelly, cream cheese and/or your favorite berries for a perfect breakfast or snack.
  16. Instead of nachos made with tortilla chips, try a mound of sweet potato fry nachos. Let the kids customize their nachos with their favorite toppings.
  17. Dish up some chicken and sweet potato kebabs for dinner, without even having to turn on the grill.
  18. Play up the sweetness of sweet potatoes with other sweet ingredients, like the coconut milk in this sweet potato curry recipe.
  19. Throw cubed sweet potatoes tossed with your favorite seasonings into a foil pouch and grill while the rest of your dinner cooks.
  20. No one will miss the meat in this recipe for sweet potato and black bean burgers.
  21. Sneak a serving of veggies into breakfast with sweet potato muffins. They freeze great, making them perfect to grab-and-go on busy mornings.
  22. Make a breakfast skillet with sweet potato, caramelized onions and a fried egg on top. Add Canadian bacon or smoked sausage for an even heartier meal.
  23. Start the day right with apple sweet potato waffles.
  24. Bacon-wrapped sweet potato bites are a delicious after school snack, and they’re a healthy appetizer option too!
  25. Here’s an idea: Make your own sweet potato noodles! You can also buy sweet potato noodles and substitute them for spaghetti in just about any recipe.
  26. For a healthy side dish, toss sweet potato, onion, garlic and Brussel sprouts together with oil and a generous sprinkle of salt. The veggies caramelize in the oven, giving them a kid-friendly sweetness.
  27. Slow cooker soup is simple and nutritious … and cooks itself! This recipe for slow cooker butternut squash sweet potato soup is sure to be a hit with the whole family.
  28. Give Meatless Monday a try and make vegetarian enchiladas with sweet potatoes and black beans.
  29. Make a sweet potato pizza crust!
  30. Another great filling for a foil pouch: sweet potato cubes, chicken breast, a bit of butter and your favorite herbs. Add a slice of fresh lemon for even more flavor.
  31. Sweet potato coffee cake muffins make a great breakfast side or quick after-school snack.
  32. Cook up sweet potato hash with kielbasa sausage, peppers and onions. Serve alone or with a fried egg on top.
  33. Use sweet potatoes instead of flour to make grain-free brownies.
  34. Grate and fry sweet potatoes with butter for a colorful take on hash browns.
  35. And yes, there is still the beloved marshmallow-topped sweet potato casserole! What’s the harm in having it once or twice a year, anyways?
Wow, that’s a lot of sweet goodness! No matter how picky your kids might be, the right recipe might just change their minds about sweet potatoes.


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