4 Ways Your Mobile Phone Can Help Simplify Your Busy Life

We use it to catch up on Facebook and Pinterest. We use it to snap selfies and to text our friends and family. Some of us even use our mobile phones to make…wait for it…phone calls. But are you using your mobile phone to check for the latest sales before going inside your local grocery store, or favorite department store? Here are four ways your mobile phone can help simplify your next shopping trip.

Find It Online First

Nearly every store these days post their sales ads online. It’s more time efficient, and cost effective, if you know what you need is on sale. It can cut down on multiple before leaving the car or even your house.

Text to Save

For greater savings once inside the store, look around for display ads encouraging you to text select codes or offers for additional savings. You will be pleasantly surprised how quick and easy it is to save as much as 50 percent. Just remember that, by doing so, you’re giving the retailer permission to contact you via text in the future.

Download the App

As an incentive, many stores have a sign-up offer to encourage you to download their app. In exchange for doing so, you can get everything from a buy one-get one free offer to 10 percent off an entire purchase. Restaurants have a similar option sometimes, offering you a free appetizer just by joining their email club. Again, like text to save, don’t forget that retailers and restaurants are typically exchanging savings for a way to contact you in the future with their latest promotion.

Picture Perfect Shopping

How often have you been at the store and realized your shopping list is at home? Or you’ve just started dinner only to realize you are missing one key ingredient or more? Don’t waste time by going back home or having someone dictate the list to you over the phone if you forgot the list. If you need another ingredient, don’t write down all of the details before someone heads back to the store. Instead, just snap a photo of the recipe or of the now empty container of the item you need. Someone can also take a picture of your shopping list and text it to you. Both hacks save time and ensure the correct product is purchased. At times like this, it’s easy to make mistakes and to purchase baking soda instead of baking powder for example. Life isn’t perfect, but it can be simplified with just a few adjustments. Or in this case, with your mobile phone. Try our tips to shop smarter, not harder.


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