45 Lunchbox Alternatives to PBJ

45 Lunchbox Alternatives to PBJ 45 Lunchbox Alternatives to PBJ
It seems like this time of year, we all start to fall into a lunch rut. Same ole. Same ole.  Perhaps it’s the standby of PBJ, or maybe it’s a classic turkey sandwich that gets the most love in your lunchboxes. In case you’re short on lunch ideas now that we’re well into the school year, here’s 45 Alternatives to PBJ to keep things fresh:
  1. Ham Roll-ups
  2. Crackers, Cheese, and Meat Stacked on Crackers
  3. Lunch Meat Wraps
  4. English Muffins with Cream Cheese
  5. Yogurt and Granola
  6. Breakfast Pizza
  7. Mini Bagels with Peanut Butter
  8. Sub Sandwiches
  9. Pasta Salad
  10. Salami, Crackers and Cheese
  11. Pitas
  12. Mac and Cheese in a Thermos
  13. Lettuce Wraps with Meat and Cheese
  14. Smoked Sausage and Crackers
  15. Smoothies in a Thermos
  16. Peanut Butter, Honey and Banana on Toast
  17. Grilled Chicken Nuggets
  18. Pepperoni, Crackers, and Cheese
  19. Tuna Salad
  20. Mini Sandwich Rolls
  21. Hard Boiled Egg with Cheese Cubes and Veggies
  22. Pancakes
  23. BLTs
  24. Veggie Wraps
  25. Sandwich Thins
  26. Mini Bagels with Cream Cheese
  27. Hummus, Veggies, and Cheese
  28. Chicken Salad in Pita Pockets
  29. English Muffins with Peanut Butter
  30. Mini Pizzas on an English Muffin
  31. Waffles
  32. Egg Salad
  33. Cheese Quesadillas
  34. Homemade Pizza Kits
  35. Salad
  36. Soup in a Thermos
  37. Meat, Cheese, and Veggie Kabobs
  38. Sushi Sandwiches
  39. Ham and Cheese Quesadillas
  40. Pumpkin Bread with Cream Cheese
  41. Rotisserie Chicken
  42. Pumpkin Pancakes
  43. Banana Bread with Peanut Butter
  44. Cinnamon Raisin Bread Turkey Sandwiches
  45. Grilled Cheese


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