Delicious Lunch Ideas From YOU!

Delicious Lunch Ideas From YOU! Delicious Lunch Ideas From YOU!
On September 1st, my fellow Land O’ Frost Mom Ambassador, Audrey McClelland, and I hosted a Land O’ Frost Twitter chat all about back to school lunch ideas.  The chat was so full of deliciousness and lunch inspirations that by the time it was over, I was starving! Land O’ Frost generously gave FIVE of the Twitter Party attendees coupons for their delicious products, just for participating!! The ideas were swirling around and the inspiration and ideas shared are sure to be making lunch more fun for lots of lucky kiddos! We asked lots of questions and I thought that I would share some of the questions and the fabulous responses we received.

1. What’s your strategy for filling lunch bags on a weekly basis?

  • “Making menu plans with the kids and making lunches the night before”
  • “Themed lunches – colors, finger foods, shapes etc…”
  • “Daily notes and inspiration for readers and drawings for non-readers”

2. Any tips for preparing lunches for multiple kids (with various tastes)?

  • “One response that made a lot of people laugh: “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit”
  • “Making the children responsible for the decisions about what goes into their lunches”
  • “Rewards for trying and being open to new things”
  • “Making the lunches fun by using cookie cutters and silicone cupcake molds to pack the food”

3. Do you encourage or discourage lunch time food swaps?

  • “Discourage”
  • “I prefer they not do it, but I understand how appealing their lunches are. ”
  • ‘The thought never crossed my mind!’

4. What are some good table conversation starters (besides “How was school?”)?

  • “What was the best part of your day?”
  • “Did anyone help you today?”
  • “Did you fill anyone’s (emotional) bucket today?”
  • “What is one thing you wish you’d done today?”
  • “What made you laugh today?”
  • “What made you sad today?”

5. Anyone have any creative recipes using lunchmeat?

  • “Chop up LOF smoked ham and add it to scrambled eggs with onions and cheese”
  • “Add LOF lunchmeat, cheese, chopped veggies and eggs together, mix well, pour into mini muffin tins and bake to make mini handheld crustless quiche”
  • “Roll lunchmeat, cheese, cabbage and favorite dressing/mayo up in whole grain tortillas for great handheld wraps; or slice and skewer on coffee stirrers for fun kabobs”
The ideas just kept flowing!  It was so much fun and I can’t believe how quickly the hour passed (and how hungry I was)


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