Muffin Tin Meals

Muffin Tin Meals Muffin Tin Meals
Cooking more than muffins and cupcakes in muffin tins is a popular concept! The tins have become an essential tool for creating individual portions of a variety of main courses, sides and desserts. People love the hand-held size of the meal creations, plus it’s much easier to customize each portion according to family members’ likes and dislikes!

Pull Out Those Muffin Tins!

As a busy mom, I’m always looking for great on-the-go recipes. Check out some of these clever ways to cook with muffin tins.
  • Muffin tin egg cups: Our customizable muffin tin egg cups recipe will change your morning for the better. Chop up some ham, bacon, bell pepper, cheese, shallots or mushrooms and toss them in with the eggs.
  • Homemade pizza muffins: Turn a can of crescent rolls into quick pizza bites baked in a muffin tin!
  • Turkey meatloaf muffins: Combine turkey, bacon and other delicious ingredients; portion them into muffin tin cups; and bake to create mini turkey meatloaves.
  • Muffin tin pot pies: Whip up miniature versions of a classic comfort food! Fill puff pastry shells with a chicken, gravy and vegetable mixture — mini potpies will be on the table in no time.
  • Macaroni & cheese cups: Need an appetizer or side dish? These perfectly portioned macaroni and cheese cups are simple to make in less than half an hour.
  • Muffin tin lasagna: Put away that bulky lasagna pan, and make mini lasagnas with won-ton wrappers and other classic Italian ingredients.
  • French toast minis: Ditch the oatmeal, and opt for simple-to-make French toast muffins topped with cinnamon streusel. The wafting smell will get the kids excited for morning time!
Think outside of the box, and a muffin tin can become one of the most useful tools in the kitchen!


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